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Gelair / IMTRA / Permanon

Gelair — Distributor for the North East

Gelair is a natural odorizer and anti fungal agent that is perfect for air handling systems and grungy bilges on all kinds of yachts. A natural odorizing solution for modern yachting. When we want to get rid of a bad smell or a fungus or damp problem we ofton turn to hard core chemical solutions, but of course aggressive chemicals can damage surrounding environments and create a health hazard by appliers.a critical problem on luxury yachts.

  • Patented technology for delivering tea tree oil vapor in air conditioning systems.
  • Tea tree oil sterilizing action also available in a Solution.
  • Now actively used around the world for many applications including buildings, marine vessels and oil platforms.

A powerful and natural product, tea tree oil eradicates mould, bacteria and viruses. These nasties thrive in areas affected by moisture condensation such as air-conditioning units, bathrooms and kitchens. Condensation is a problem in hot and humid climates as well as cold and damp climates.

IMTRA – Distributor and Service Agent

Imtra Corporation is a leader in marine systems. IMTRA manufactures a wide variety of marine products including

  • Side Power thrusters and stabilizers
  • Lighting – fixtures and LED replacement bulbs
  • Vimar range of switching devices and decorative plates
  • Lofrans, Muir windlasses and associated equipment
  • Nor Sap – pleasure boat equipment
  • Besenzoni – passarelles, cranes, gangways
  • Nauta – flexible tanks

Custom Yacht Outfitters is a Distributor of all these products. Service agent for Besenzoni’s range of products and service agent for Lofrans and Muir windlasses. Please contact us directly for more information.

Permanon Yachting Products – Distributor for Rhode Island

Permanon is possibly the best kept secret in yachting. A technically advanced, state of the art product that is easy to use and cuts down on long term maintainance, especially ideal for long term topside shine.

Permanon is a safe and simple-to-apply surface protection that produces a brilliant shine on all solid automotive surfaces. When applied, nano-engineered particles of Permanon’s Silicium 14Si electro-statically bonds and fill microscopic pores and pits that naturally occur in solid materials. These nono-imperfections allow dirt and grime to bond to the surface, Permanon bridges and fills them making it harder for dirt to embed.

Unique Advantages

  • No polish marks
  • Very easy to remove for repainting.
  • Highly UV Resistant and temperature resistant up to 572°F.
  • Reduces wash-down time by up to 50%

Permanon Boat Supershine is a high-tech maintenance formula for all exterior and interior boat surfaces. Boat Supershine is resistant to saltwater and freshwater and provides a long lasting, durable shine at the same time. It is easy on the finish and results in significantly less dirt and grime accumulation. Effective against lime scale and other aggressive soils. Resistant to most acids, alkaline solutions and solvents and effectively resists UV rays.

Boat Supershine is non-toxic, non-flammable
as well as solvent free and completely bio-degradable.

Permanon Boat Cleanzer 2in1 Revitalizer is a hi-tech cleaning and protection concentrate for all non-porous (hard) exterior and interior surfaces. Permanon Boat Cleanzer 2in1 Revitalizer has a durable semi-gloss finish based on pure Monomolecular Silicium Si14. It is ideal for cleaning painted and metallic surfaces, glass and synthetic surfaces. Permanon Boat Cleanzer 2in1 Revitalizer washes and treats hard surfaces imparting a fresh Permanon shine. This highly resistant surface results in less dirt and grime adherence. Extremely effective for removal of insect and bird fouling. Provides an excellent shine and is extremely water repellent. Resistant to most acids, alkaline solutions and solvents and it effectively resists UV rays.

Authorized Distributor of Permanon Marine and PS Paste Products (Rhode Island)

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